Full Paddling Schedule

2020 Summer Paddling Trips

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April – May

SATURDAY, April 25th – CT River Setbacks, Hinsdale, NH (Lake Wantastiquet). Meet at 10AM in the Hinsdale, NH, Walmart parking lot (Rte 119). We will drive a few miles east to the put-in, for a peaceful paddle and picnic lunch, on an island, off the main river, in the marshes. This often overlooked wildlife area is home to spring birds, big fish, bald eagles and white swans. Be sure to bring something warm to drink, and waterproof to sit on. This area is listed as site #40, on the Connecticut River Birding Trail, Southern Section. Twenty-eight (28) species of waterfowl have been identified here in the setbacks. We’ve also seen an active eagle’s nest, the past three years, with both birds near the nest. Binoculars and a bird book would be good for this trip. The water will still be COLD. (See What to Bring)

WEDNESDAY, May 6th – CT River, Roundy’s Cove, Bellows Falls, VT and Great Meadow, Charlestown, NH. This is an area about a mile north (upstream) from Herrick’s Cove, where spring birds like to spend time, and an active eagle’s nest was seen on the VT shore. On the NH side, Great Meadow paddling will turn up ducks, geese, big fish, turtles and other migrating waterfowl. We meet at 9am in the Hannaford’s parking lot (in front of the closed Home Depot store), on Putney Rd, Brattleboro. Paddlers coming from the north are welcome to meet us at the Herrick’s Cove launch area (off Rte 5, near Exit 6, I-91) at 10am. (See What to Bring)

WEDNESDAY, May 20th – Nubanusit Lake & Spoonwood Pond, Nelson & Hancock, NH. Spoonwood Pond is about as good as it gets: quiet, secluded, inaccessible by car and off-limits to motorboats. With cool, clear, water and granite slab shoreline, it’s a great place to swim, paddle, picnic and camp. The Harris Center, Kings Hwy, Hancock, NH 03449 (603) 525-3394 controls the wilderness islands & campsites (in case anyone wants to connect a camp trip, to this paddle day). We access Spoonwood Pond by launching into Nubanusit Lake, paddling northwest a short distance to a short, easy carry, up to the pond. Motorboat traffic on the lake can be heavy, even during the week, so we spend little time on the lake. Eagle sightings are common on this trip. We’ll meet at 9am, in the Hannaford’s parking lot, (in front of the closed Home Depot store) on Putney Rd, Brattleboro. Parking is extremely limited at the launch ramp area, so we’ll car & boat pool as much as possible. Paddlers coming from NH are welcome to meet us at the boat ramp (off Rte 123/Pond Rd/Kings Hwy) around 10am. (See What to Bring)

SUNDAY, May 31st – Somerset Reservoir, Somerset, VT. Our earliest ever paddle trip to one of Vermont’s three ‘Great’ reservoirs (and the largest: 1,597 acres). Somerset is the perfect paddling paradise: secluded, quiet, no development or high-speed motorboats, and plenty of places to stop, swim, picnic & sun. This is an all-day trip, and the best place to lose yourself in the ‘zone’ of paddling. Loons and bald eagles are scheduled; have cameras & binoculars handy. The northern area of Somerset (along with nearby, Grout Pond) has been designated as site #16, on the Connecticut River Birding Trail, due to the variety and density of waterfowl & birds. We’ll meet at the Coffee House, in Wilmington, VT…across from the Flea Market (Jct of Rtes 9West & 100South) at 9:30am. Paddlers coming from the West are welcome to meet us at the CAR-TOP launch area (very end of the dirt road) around 10am. Using the trailer ramp will only antagonize the fishermen & women, since they have the legal right-of-way. (See What to Bring)


WEDNESDAY, June 3rd – Hubbard Pond, Rindge, NH. This will be our third trip to Hubbard Pond, but first time this early in the season. It’s called a “hidden treasure” in the ‘Quiet Water’ guidebook. The pond is surrounded on three sides by the Annett State Forest, and is said to be perfect for spring wildlife viewing (and Fall foliage). We hope to see painted turtles, ducks, wading birds, beavers, otters and osprey. A mother goose attacked one kayaker a few years ago; she blended in with a beaver lodge, and wasn’t seen till she went for the kayak. We’ll meet in the Walmart (Hinsdale, NH) parking lot at 9:30am, to car/boat pool. Paddlers coming from NH, are welcome to meet us at the launch area (off Cathedral Rd) around 10:30am. (See What to Bring)

SATURDAY, June 13th – 21st Annual BOC Canoe & Kayak Consignment Sale & Swap, SORRY – Cancelled this year. Lmacyak@gmail.com or (802) 254-3666.

WEDNESDAY, June 17th – Grafton Pond, Grafton, NH. Grafton Pond is one of the finest quiet water destinations in NH. This will be our seventh trip to this quiet, well-protected, remote large pond (235 acres). There are numerous coves and marshes to explore, as well as over 30 islands. The water is clear, cool and deep (66’ in places). Almost the entire pond is protected by the Society for the Protection of NH Forests, and trails abound. Since this will be a bit of a trek, we’ll meet at 8:30am, in the Hannaford’s parking lot (in front of the old Home Depot store), on Putney Rd, to car & boat pool. Paddlers coming from the north are welcome to join our convoy along I-91, or meet us at the launch site, (off Rte 4A/Grafton Pond Rd) around 10am. NH is not as liberal as VT, so bring swimwear. (See What to Bring)

SATURDAY, June 20th – Sunrise/Early-Bird Paddle, Harriman Reservoir, Wilmington, VT. This is our signature ‘paddle and nosh’ trip. Come early to enjoy sunrise, on the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER morning, before the motorboat crowd wakes up. We’ll lay out a light potluck picnic breakfast in the soft rays of early summer, on a secluded beach or island picnic table. Bring light breakfast snacks to share; OJ and ‘glasses’ will be provided. Also bring something warm to drink, and whatever else makes a picnic breakfast more enjoyable. Be sure to include a beach towel, for the early morning dip; bound to wake you up. We’ll meet at 5:30AM at the Chelsea Royal Diner, West Brattleboro; or 6AM at the Coffee House in Wilmington, VT (Jct Rtes 9West & 100South). We’ll be off the water in time to make the Brattleboro Farmer’s Market for lunch; although paddlers are encouraged to stay as long as they want. For any questions, including weather, call (802) 254-3666. We will use the next day, Sunday, June 21st as the rain day. (See What to Bring)


SATURDAY, September 12th – CT River: Sumner Falls to Wilgus State Park; Hartland, Windsor & Ascutney, VT (Camping optional) Day One. This will be our 6th trip down this stretch of the CT River; it’s always a big hit, and well attended. We’ve encountered ‘wild’ horses on Chase Island, bald eagles at close range, beavers, swimming squirrels, long stretches of quiet water, short fast water runs and sandy beaches for swimming & sunning. Check out the photos on the BOC website, at the PADDLING photo gallery. We’ll meet in the Wilgus State Park entrance station parking lot, on Rt5, at 9am. Wilgus SP is located on Rte5, south of the Ascutney, VT (Exit 8 off I-91). Campers need to be there early so they can drop off their gear at the BOC site, before meeting at 9. The BOC site will also be available the night before (Friday), in the event campers want to get an early start on a glorious weekend outdoors. At 9am we’ll car/boat pool, and head north to the put-in at Sumner Falls/Hartland Rapids (below the falls). We’ll paddle back downstream to Wilgus SP, stopping along the way to bird watch, swim, picnic, sun, snack and visit the Burnham Meadows Campsite (part of the CT River Paddlers’ Trail). Visits to the Path of Life Garden and Harpoon Brewery are optional, and self-funded. Shortly after lunch, we’ll pass under the Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge; at 460 feet across, this is the longest covered bridge in America. Three previous bridges stood at this site; all were destroyed by floods. When we arrive at the Wilgus State Park take-out, paddlers become campers, or head home. Reservations are required, if using the BOC site, Friday or Saturday. A $10 non-refundable donation/deposit (per night) will hold your place in the lean-to, or tent site. Reservations are first come, first served, and must be postmarked on or before Sept 5th, addressed to: BOC, c/o PO BOX 6294, Brattleboro, VT, 05302. Checks made out to: BOC…with “PADDLING” on the “For” or “Memo” line. The balance, if any will be collected on site. Site location and further information will be sent to registered campers. Some may choose to have their own sites, while others may motel or B&B nearby. Questions? Lmacyak@gmail.com. (See What to Bring)

SUNDAY, September 13th – Day Two (the next day) North Hartland Lake, Windsor, VT. Again, we’ll meet at 9am in the parking lot of the Wilgus State Park entrance station, to car/boat pool, before we drive the short distance to North Hartland Lake. Campers need to checkout before we head north. We’ll paddle the length of this long narrow lake, up into the lower reaches of the Quechee Gorge, with its 165’ walls carved out by the Ottauquechee River. Here we’ll picnic, swim and play in the falls. Bald eagles, great blue heron, wild turkey and deer sightings are common on this trip. Entrance fees (if any) will be paid by BOC. We will return to Wilgus State Park, prior to heading home. (See What to Bring)

SATURDAY, September 26th – CT River, Brattleboro, to Vernon Dam, VT. This paddle trip is in conjunction with the CT River Conservancy’s 24th Annual CT River Source-to-Sea Clean-up. We’ll paddle the VT shore, from the Retreat Meadows to the portage take-out, just above the Vernon Dam. BOC will provide trash bags. Bring work gloves that can get wet. We’ll meet at 9:30am, at the Rte 30 access to the Retreat Meadows, Brattleboro. Wear old clothes and good water shoes. PFD’s required…wear an old one, if possible. Bring snacks, water and an eye for trash. (See What to Bring)

WEDNESDAY, September 30th – Leader’s Choice; wherever the colors are peak. We’ll meet in front of the closed Home Depot store, next to Hannaford’s, on Putney Rd, Brattleboro, at 9:30am, for an all day outing to view fall foliage from the water, somewhere in the tri-state area. (See What to Bring)

SATURDAY, October 3rd – Somerset Reservoir, Somerset, VT. Come for an all-day, fall foliage paddle trip on a wonderful out-of-the-way, protected ‘Great’ reservoir, at a special time of the year. We almost always see loons, bald eagles and migrating waterfowl; and feel the crisp late season air. Five years ago, a pair of moose put on quite a show, and six years ago it was so warm and beautiful, nobody wanted to end the trip till dark. This could be the last swim of the season. Bring snacks, lunch and something warm to drink; it’ll be a beach picnic. We’ll meet at 9AM, at the Coffee House in Wilmington, VT (Jct of Rtes 9West and 100South), or the CAR-TOP launch site at Somerset, (very end of the dirt road) around 9:30AM. Please do not block the trailer ramp with car-top boats. (See BRING)
WEDNESDAY, October 7th – Leader’s Choice; wherever the colors are peak. We’ll meet in front of the closed Home Depot store, next to Hannaford’s, on Putney Rd, Brattleboro, at 9:30am, for an all day outing to view fall foliage from the water, somewhere in the tri-state area. (See What to Bring)

WEDNESDAY, October 7th – Leader’s Choice; wherever the colors are peak. We’ll meet in front of the closed Home Depot store, next to Hannaford’s, on Putney Rd, Brattleboro, at 9:30am, for an all day outing to view fall foliage from the water, somewhere in the tri-state area.


What to Bring

  • Canoe or kayak: paddles, life jackets, sponge/bailer, bowline, whistle, etc.

  • Drinking water: always and plenty (min of 1 liter/person/hour on hot days

  • Hot drinks: good idea for sunrise paddle and poor/cool weather

  • Bug, lip & sun lotion: always (and/or long sleeve shirt and long pants)

  • Snacks: always (also lunch for all-day trips)

  • Extra clothes: windbreaker, wind pants, warm hat, etc.

  • Foul weather gear: as needed (NOT a poncho)

  • Bathing suit & towel; optional

  • Water shoes: old sneakers or ???? – always

  • Camera &/or binoculars: in some sort of waterproof case

  • Paddling/biking gloves: optional

  • Sunglasses and safety straps: always

  • Hat with long wide bill and neck strap: always

  • Any specialized medications or needs

  • Basic first aid items: moleskin, Band-Aids, antiseptic, etc.

  • Waterproof bag to hold all of the above (except the boat)

  • Extra warm/dry clothes, towel and water: to be left in the car, and make sure you don’t lose the key

  • Whatever else you need to make paddling and a picnic more fun: blanket, folding chair, ground cloth, sketch pad, waterproof musical instrument, book, Frisbee, bubbles, etc. NO BOOM BOXES

*Warm summer rain will not stop these trips; high winds and cold rain may. If in doubt, call Larry; also call to car/boat pool.