Full Paddling Schedule

2022 Summer Paddling Trips


The Brattleboro Outing Club (BOC) will host 14 paddle trips, from April 30th to September 17th. Details are posted below. Phone during trips: (207) 703-6668

Paddling is good for both body and soul. It allows us to exercise, as well as getting into nature, away from the 4 walls, into a clean, safe and open environment.

During this time of COVID, it is especially important to protect ourselves, as well as those around us. Safe & healthy paddling requires us to be more conscious of our surroundings and actions. The following guidelines are offered to help make us all more responsible paddlers:

…Follow all CDC guidelines, as well as State & local requirements regarding masks, physical distancing and group sizes when & where appropriate.

…Be totally self-sufficient; able to load, unload and move your own boat/board. In the event you have to ask for help, or offer help, be conscious of physical distancing.


…If you are not able (or don’t know how) to rescue yourself in the event of a tip-over, and the water is deeper than your waist, PADDLE NEAR THE SHORE, where you can swim or walk your boat to safety. Requiring rescue endangers both you, and the person coming to your aid, since physical distancing parameters will be compromised.

…Be self-sufficient, and responsible. Keep track of your own trash/recycle, and LEAVE NO TRACE.

BOC paddle trips are FREE, and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Just show up with your own boat/board, required safety gear and food/water. All trips are FULL-DAY outings, except the SUNRISE trip, on Saturday, June 25th. Come prepared to PICNIC.

Detailed descriptions of each destination can be found, as follows:

…For lakes, ponds & marsh…AMC book, ‘Quiet Water’, NH & VT, 3rd Ed.

…For the CT River…CT River Watershed Council book, ‘The CT River Boating Guide, Source to Sea’, 3rd Ed. Also, CT River Paddlers’ Trail map, VT/NH, 2nd Ed.

2022 Planned Trips


Saturday, April 30th: CT River/Hinsdale Setbacks, NH…meet at 9:30am, Walmart parking lot (Rte 119), Hinsdale, NH


Sunday, May 15th: Gale Meadows Pond, Winhall, VT…meet at 9am, at the West River Provisions store, (old Jamaica Country Store), Jamaica, VT, on Rte 30.

Wednesday, May 18th: McDaniels Marsh, Springfield, NH…meet at 8:30am, Hannaford parking lot, (south end), Putney Rd, Brattleboro, VT (or at the Marsh, 10:30am)


Wednesday, June 15th: Grafton Pond, Grafton, NH…meet at 8:30am, Hannaford parking lot, (south end), Putney Rd, Brattleboro, VT (or at the Pond, 10:30am)

Saturday, June 25th: Sunrise Paddle & Nosh, Pot-luck, Harriman Reservoir, Wilmington, VT…meet at 5:30am, Royal Diner, Marlboro Rd, (Rte 9), West Brattleboro, VT (or the Castle Hill put-in, at 6am)

Sunday, June 26th: Somerset Reservoir, Somerset, VT…meet at 8:30am, Coffee House, Wilmington, VT (Jct of Rtes 9West & 100South)

Wednesday, June 29th: Spoonwood Pond, Hancock & Nelson, NH…meet at 8:30am, south end of Hannaford parking lot, Putney Rd, Brattleboro, VT (or at the ramp to Nubanusit Lake, on Kings Highway, off NH Rt 123, at 10am)



Sunday, August 21st: CT River: Bellows Falls, VT to Walpole, NH (with a stop at the Walpole Creamery)…meet at 9am, Hannaford parking lot, Putney Rd, Brattleboro, (or at the Portage Trail put-in, (on the NH side, off NH Rte 12), below the dam, at 10am)

Saturday, August 27th: CT River, Sumner Falls/Hartland Rapids to Wilgus State Park, Weathersfield, VT…meet in the Wilgus State Park Entrance Parking Lot, off VT Rt 5, at 9am. This can be an overnight CAMPING TRIP, for folks who have reserved a space, paid the $10 fee and have their own gear and food. Space is limited; reservations (and fee) are due NLT July 19th to: BOC, PO BOX 6294, Brattleboro, VT, 05302. Checks made out to BOC, with “PADDLING/Camping” on the “For” line. Checks will be returned to those who cannot be accommodated.

Sunday, August 28th: North Hartland Lake, Hartford & Hartland, VT…meet at Wilgus State Park, Entrance Parking Lot, off VT Rt 5, at 9am (or at the Lake at 10am)

UPDATE: The US Corps of Engineers has notified us that they started a major construction project at North Hartland Lake on Monday, Aug 15th. This project will completely eliminate public access to the waters of North Hartland Lake, until further notice.

Do to this action, the BOC trip scheduled there on Sunday, August 28th, has been moved to the CT River. It will now be a continuation of the Saturday, Aug 27th trip, continuing down river from Wilgus State Park, to the confluence of the Black River, near Springfield, VT. (exit 7, I-91). Meeting time & location has not changed.

Camping is still available at WSP, using the same guidance listed in the Sat, Aug 27th event.

FMI/questions: Larry…Lmacyak@gmail.com or (207) 703-6668 (text is best)

Wednesday, August 31st: Lowell Lake, Londonderry, VT…meet at 8:30am, at the West River Provisions store (old Jamaica Country Store), Jamaica, VT, on Rte 30.


Sunday, September 11th: Sadawga Pond, Whitingham, VT…meet 9am, Coffee House, Wilmington, VT (Jct of Rtes 9West & 100 South)

Wednesday, September 14th: Sunset Lake & South Pond, Brattleboro area… a Two- Lake, Fall Foliage Special. Meet at 9am, at the Royal Diner, Marlboro Rd (Rt9), West Brattleboro, VT

Saturday, September 17th: Somerset Reservoir, Somerset, VT…meet at 8:30am, Coffee House, Wilmington, VT (Jct of Rtes 9West & 100South.

There’s a list of recommended items to bring along on every paddle trip here on the website. Be sure to look it over; there are new additions.

The Annual BOC Consignment Sale of human & wind powered watercraft is scheduled for Saturday, May 14th…OUTSIDE, RAIN or SHINE, location TBD. More info is here and in local media.

For more information please contact Larry at (802) 254-3666, or Lmacyak@gmail.com or text (207) 703-6668.

What to Bring

  • Canoe or kayak: paddles, life jackets, sponge/bailer, bowline, whistle, etc.

  • Drinking water: always and plenty (min of 1 liter/person/hour on hot days

  • Hot drinks: good idea for sunrise paddle and poor/cool weather

  • Bug, lip & sun lotion: always (and/or long sleeve shirt and long pants)

  • Snacks: always (also lunch for all-day trips)

  • Extra clothes: windbreaker, wind pants, warm hat, etc.

  • Foul weather gear: as needed (NOT a poncho)

  • Bathing suit & towel; optional

  • Water shoes: old sneakers or ???? – always

  • Camera &/or binoculars: in some sort of waterproof case

  • Paddling/biking gloves: optional

  • Sunglasses and safety straps: always

  • Hat with long wide bill and neck strap: always

  • Any specialized medications or needs

  • Basic first aid items: moleskin, Band-Aids, antiseptic, etc.

  • Waterproof bag to hold all of the above (except the boat)

  • Extra warm/dry clothes, towel and water: to be left in the car, and make sure you don’t lose the key

  • Whatever else you need to make paddling and a picnic more fun: blanket, folding chair, ground cloth, sketch pad, waterproof musical instrument, book, Frisbee, bubbles, etc. NO BOOM BOXES

*Warm summer rain will not stop these trips; high winds and cold rain may. If in doubt, call Larry; also call to car/boat pool.