The Brattleboro Outing Club tennis facility, conveniently located at 202 Cedar Street in Brattleboro, is home to six of the most beautifully-maintained red clay courts in New England. With the rustic charm and casual setting of its 30s-era tennis clubhouse, low membership fees, and relaxed family-oriented atmosphere, the BOC tennis facility offers a superb tennis option for residents of all ages.

The tennis season runs from late April until early November, depending on the weather. Adult membership is $275 per person, per year. Membership for children 21 and under is free when they are signed up with a parent, guardian, or Big Brother/Sister. Otherwise, the junior membership fee is only $40 per year, and $100 for young adults ages 19 to 25. Guests are welcome to play with a member for a $20 fee-per-court use (i.e., one to three guests may play for $20, per reservation).

We phased out our former work credit program in 2020. Historically the BOC has always been a volunteer-driven organization, and the tennis committee and the BOC board encourage members to continue this time-honored tradition. Volunteer participation allows the BOC to remain affordable and to retain its unique character, and it’s also a great way to meet other members.

The Membership Welcome Letter will give you all the information you need about the club, including how to stay abreast of what is happening at the club, the different opportunities offered to club members, the few rules that are needed to keep the club enjoyable for all, and suggestions for meeting other members, such as club mixers, singles and doubles leagues, youth camps, adult clinics and private or group lessons.

There are two ways to register for the Tennis Program


1. Click the button

2. Fill out the application form and pay using either option below:

–using Credit Card or PayPal (no extra fee)

–mail a check to BOC, PO Box 335, Brattleboro, VT, 05302


1. Obtain a registration form at the club.

2. Fill it out and return by either option below:

–mail it with your check to BOC, PO Box 335, Brattleboro, VT, 05302

–put it in the mail slot at the clubhouse

We strongly recommend the online Credit Card/PaypPal. It expedites the process for you, simplifies the process for us, and gets all of your information accurately into our database. We will email you verification and instructions for making online court reservations.

The BOC tennis committee consists of six to nine members who volunteer their time to conduct the business of the tennis program. All members are welcome at the tennis committee meetings held monthly through the season.


Below is our 2023 program schedule.  We are hopeful of doing all of the events and programs we did in the pre-Covid days, plus some new ones.   Our schedule changes throughout the year, so PLEASE CHECK BACK AND FOLLOW NEWSLETTER UPDATES.

Dates Days Tasks
April 15 & 16 Sat/Sun Work days for members court setup
April 22 & 23 Sat/Sun Work days for members court setup
April 29 & 30 Sat/Sun Opening Weekend for Summer 2023
May 29 Monday Memorial Day Mixer 10am-3pm
June 19 Monday Summer Camps begin
June 21 Wednesday Solstice tennis Party
July 4 Tuesday No summer camps
July 4 Tuesday Fourth of July Mixer 10am–3pm
TBA   Pro-Am Fundraiser Event
July 28 – 30 Fri/Sat/Sun Singles Tournament
Aug 11 Fri Summer Camps end
Sept 4 Mon Labor Day Mixer 10am-3pm
Sept 17 Sat Mixed Doubles Tournament
Oct 28 & 29 Sat/Sun Court work days cleanup
Nov 4 & 5 Sat/Sun Court work days cleanup – season ends