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** West Hill Shop Skin Ski Demo**


WHEN: Saturday February 29th  10:00-2:00 DESCRIPTION:  On Saturday, February 29th from 10AM until 2PM, West Hill Shop will be at the BOC Ski Hut offering free demos of their fleet of skin skis. There has been a lot of buzz and opinions about the utility and performance of skin skis. The folks at West Hill believe that the skin ski is just another tool for the job. When groomed tracks are icy, very warm, hard packed, or glazed, skin skis are a great choice for the job, and in genera [...]

** West Hill Shop Skin Ski Demo**2020-06-15T20:18:20-04:00

**Big Brothers Big Sisters**


WHEN:  Every Saturday during the month of February as long as the trails are open.  DESCRIPTION:   Big Brothers and Big Sisters, accompanied by their Little Brother or Little Sister, can receive two trail passes and rental ski equipment for $30. After the ski, stop in to the Ski Hut for a free cup of hot cocoa.

**Big Brothers Big Sisters**2020-06-16T13:34:46-04:00