Volunteer Workdays

Spring Workdays: April 20-21 and 27-28
Fall Workdays: October 26-27 and November 23

We need you! Volunteerism has been a tradition at the BOC since its inception. For the tennis club this means  members volunteer their time and labor to help prepare and set up the courts for the upcoming season, and they clean up and take down the courts in the fall. Tennis workdays are the main vehicle for members to fulfill their volunteer hours requirement.

Each year the work days and times are listed in the spring BOC Newsletter and on the BOC website. The work days usually fall on the middle to late weekends in April and the last weekend in October (and the first weekend of November, if necessary). The times are generally 9am to 12pm in the spring and 10am to 1pm in the fall. Work day schedules may vary according to the weather forecasts near the selected dates; last minute changes are posted here. Members can also call the BOC tennis clubhouse at 254-8906 to see if work is in progress for that day.

The tasks are mostly the same each year, although special projects will occasionally make additional labor necessary. Spring work involves a lot of raking and clearing winter debris; cleaning the clubhouse and appliances; hanging windscreens; shoveling and spreading slate coat; and setting court tapes, which  means nailing, nailing, nailing! Though the club has a small inventory of tools, members are requested to bring gloves, rakes, hammers, and shovels. The fall work also involves raking leaves; cleaning the clubhouse; removing nets and windscreens; and pulling up the court tapes, de-nailing them, and rolling them up for storage. Bring gloves, rakes, and warm clothing as it’s often quite cool at this time of the year.

Club Workdays are also a great way to reconnect with tennis friends you haven’t seen all winter, to make new friendships, or, if you’re new to the club, to meet members and make connections for summer play. Please join us!


Tools of the trade.


More raking, with tunes.

Remember your gloves.

Dreaming of outdoor play.

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