What to Bring

Pick and choose from this list; add whatever else you need.

Canoe or kayak: paddles, life jackets, sponge/bailer, bowline, whistle, etc.
Drinking water: always and plenty (min of 1 liter/person/hour on hot days)
Hot drinks: good idea for sunrise paddle and poor/cool weather
Bug, lip & sun lotion: always (and/or long sleeve shirt and long pants)
Snacks: always (also lunch for all-day trips)
Extra clothes: windbreaker, wind pants, warm hat, etc.
Foul weather gear: as needed (NOT a poncho)
Bathing suit & towel; optional
Water shoes: old sneakers or ???? – always
Camera &/or binoculars: in some sort of waterproof case
Paddling/biking gloves: optional
Sunglasses and safety straps: always
Hat with long wide bill and neck strap: always
Any specialized medications or needs
Basic first aid items: moleskin, Band-Aids, antiseptic, etc.
Waterproof bag to hold all of the above (except the boat)
Extra warm/dry clothes, towel and water: to be left in the car, and make sure you don’t lose the key
Whatever else you need to make paddling and a picnic more fun: blanket, folding chair, ground cloth, sketch pad, waterproof musical instrument, book, Frisbee, bubbles, etc. NO BOOM BOXES
*Warm summer rain will not stop these trips; high winds and cold rain may. If in doubt, call Larry; also call to car/boat pool.

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