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**Woods Trail Maintenance Day 1**



When:  Fall 2020

Each fall small groups of member-volunteers adopt a woods trail or two .  They weed whack and clip back summer’s growth to reopen trails for  skiing and snowshoeing.  Contact Trail Maintenance Coordinator Joe Cook if you would like to help:  jfcook3 AT gmail DOT com

**Woods Trail Maintenance Day 1**2020-09-18T16:44:02-04:00

**Volunteer Groomer Training**


When:  Just before the first snow

Where:  BOC Ski Hut

Contact Grooming Coordinator Bill Jahn to help with grooming.  billjahn1123@gmail.com

**Volunteer Groomer Training**2020-06-16T13:41:26-04:00

**Senior Wednesdays**


WHEN: Every Wednesday the trails are open.
DESCRIPTION:  Non-BOC members 65 or older can ski or snowshoe for $5.00, except when the hut is open.

**Senior Wednesdays**2020-06-27T20:23:04-04:00
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