BOC Ski Hut Fees

Membership Fees

  • Family Season Pass (includes 2 adults and youth age 21 and under living in same household):  $250.00
  • Adult Season Pass (age 21 and older): $125.00
  • Youth Season Pass (ages 6-21): $90.00
  • Children (ages 5 and under): Free

Season passes provide 24/7 access to all ski and snowshoe trails.  Volunteer credits earned for 8 or more hours served in 2013-2104 may be applied for a potential discount of $50/person or $100/family off the regular season pass price.  See Cross-Country Skiing for more information.


We welcome guests to enjoy our trails and services. Guest fees are $15/day on most days, reduced to $10/day when the hut is closed or we determine that trail conditions warrant the lower rate. Register at the hut or, if closed, the trail board; fill out the guest envelope; and deposit the envelope with the posted guest fee in the honor box.

Guests may use our trails up to THREE times. If you wish to enjoy the benefits of our club more often, we ask that you become a member.



  • Ski Gear $15
  • Snowshoes $10


Ski lessons are subject to the availability of qualified instructors.  Please inquire at the hut or check us out on facebook.

The BOC stands for good sports, not poor ones.  All guests must sign in at the hut or trailhead before skiing or snowshoeing.  Those who abuse our honor system by sneaking on the trails without paying the appropriate fee violate the community trust.  We monitor passes and trailboard sign-ins with due diligence and request your cooperation to build a strong and lasting organization.  

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