BOC Ski Hut Fees


We welcome guests to enjoy our trails and services. Guest fees, typically $10 ($15 when more km are groomed) , are set according to the quality of our snow and extent of grooming. Guest pass proceeds help underwrite the costs of our programs that serve community. You may come as our guest up to THREE times. Register at the trail board, fill out the guest envelope, and deposit with the posted guest fee in the honor box. If you wish to enjoy the benefits of our club more often, we ask that you become a member.

BOC Winter Membership
(Ski Free @
25 VT Ski Areas!)
Guest Pass*
(Hut Open)
Guest Pass*
Honor Box Winter 2014
(Max of 5)
$250 (now $199)
($150 Volunteer)
N.A. $40-$60
Adult $125 (now $99)
($75 Volunteer)
(N.A. Snowshoe)
$10-$15 ski/snowshoe
$90 (now $65)
($40 Volunteer)
N.A. $10-$15
Free Free


We rely on our club members to do most everything for our winter programs. Volunteers staff the Hut, groom the trails, teach folks how to ski, and lead treks and adventures. Those who volunteer at least a day’s time over the year can claim a $50 credit ($100 max/family) when they renew their Winter Program memberships by the first week of December.


The BOC stands for good sports, not poor ones.  All members and guests must sign in at the trailhead before skiing or snowshoeing.  Those who abuse our honor system by sneaking on the trails without signing in violate the community trust.  We will be monitoring trailboard sign-ins with due diligence this winter.  Our policy is to report offenders to Brattleboro Police for theft of services.

Rentals– Only available by prior arrangement for Winter 2014.

  • Ski Gear $10
  • Skate Ski Gear $15
  • Snowshoes $10


  • Volunteer Instruction: $20 first student, $10 additional student
  • Professional Instruction: $50-$90 private; semi-private
  • Lessons are booked in advance and arranged by appointment with the

Contact to make arrangements.

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