Membership and Registration

Registration for RowBOC 2014 membership  now online.

Rowers – sign up here! 

If you  are interested in learning to row -please go to the CLINICS AND LESSONS PAGE

Individual membership : $200 full season
Junior Membership (22 and under):
Family Membership:
Novice Membership (after successful completion of novice clinic in same year): $100

Guest Fee (must row with a member): $15/day (maximum 5 times per season)
Rack Fee:
$150 per season or $225 full year, paid in advance
PRC  paid members join RowBOC:
Late season membership registration:
August 15 to end of season, $125.00

A RowBOC membership entitles each member:

-to use RowBOC equipment, boathouse and docks on a first-come, first-served basis at our location.
-to reserve a boat, with advance approval by program director, for use in the Green Mountain Head.

A member must:

-demonstrate rowing ability to a coach or other leader
-be a competent swimmer
-have completed the RowBOC orientation or Brush-Up clinic in 2012
-have signed the BOC waivers each season before using RowBOC facilities or equipment
-have read the most recent RowBOC handbook

VOLUNTEER CREDIT POLICY: Rowers may earn a $50 credit toward the following year’s membership fees by completing at least six hours of volunteer work. Hours must be pre-approved and confirmed as completed by the volunteer coordinator in order for the credit to be available. These are just a few ways to earn credit toward next year’s registration fee:

  • Social coordinator/bulletin board maintenance and web calendar updates — 1 person
  • Weekly blog updates
  • Boathouse manager
  • Regatta manager
  • Member communications and PR — 1 person
  • Learn-to-Row clinic assistants (7 hours/clinic to earn $50 credit) — 1 to 2 people per clinic are needed

Brattleboro Outing Club Rowing Program is a member-run organization.  All members are expected to contribute regularly to management, maintenance, operation, and repair of the facilities and equipment. This may include professional skills (law, accounting, management, etc.), trade skills (carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc.), and rowing skills (coaching, orientation, boat repair, sculling certification, regatta management, etc.). All members are expected to help on DOCKS-IN  and DOCKS-OUT days.

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