President’s Report

Spring 2014
Andrew MacFarland

The winter of 2013-14 has been described as an “old-fashioned winter” by some because of its length and extended cold temperatures. Similarly, the BOC mission statement, over 90 years old, continues to be relevant today. Its pledge to promote community participation in outdoor activities has been the linchpin of BOC throughout its history. Community involvement in leading program efforts and BOC board oversight is why the outing club has survived. Now, the BOC board is recruiting members to join the board. Here are some ways you can help BOC thrive.

• Encourage friends and people new to the area to join a BOC program.
• Make a point of welcoming new members.
• Consider joining a program committee or BOC board.
• Get involved in program or BOC board activities.

There’s a new burst of energy in the tennis committee this spring, with a number of new members and a new chair of the committee, Joe Meyer. Many thanks go out to Hyam Siegel, who steered the committee for the last few years.

Anne Latchis and Larry McIntosh continue their dedicated oversight of RowBOC and paddling programs, respectively. Row BOC is seeking new members to row, help organize, and lead the program.

The cross-country ski program is in critical need of new energy. Thanks largely to the efforts of Hank Lange, the cross-country program did open this year and had a good season. Going forward, however, volunteers will be needed to provide cross-country program committee involvement, leadership, and oversight in order to continue the program.

The tennis, cross-country skiing, and rowing programs all are grappling with flat or declining memberships and increasing costs. We remain committed, however, to keeping the programs affordable. The solution is simple: more members and more active involvement in BOC activities. So get out in the sun, enjoy, appreciate, and participate.

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