President’s Report

Fall 2014
Andrew MacFarland

Our two programs with the largest number of members are “rebooting”! The Tennis Program has a new committee chair, Joe Meyer, working with the director of instructional programs, Jacob Miller. And a re-energized Cross-Country Skiing Program committee is actively making plans for the coming cross-country ski season. Meanwhile, the Rowing Program, led by Anne Latchis, continues to make rowing activities accessible and affordable. Larry McIntosh has led numerous Paddling Program excursions, both day trips and overnight adventures. Be sure to read the program reports in this newsletter, or go to our website at for additional information on all our programs.

The operating budgets have stabilized and the programs have succeeded in keeping membership fees affordable. Thanks to vigilant expense management by program committees, we can expect a small budget surplus this fiscal year. One effect of the continued success in keeping fees low and sticking to “break-even” budgets, however, is a lack of funds for equipment replacement and major expenses. The BOC Board is actively looking for new members with the energy to help build and sustain programs and also to develop a capital improvement fund. All programs are still seeking to increase volunteer participation. To insure that BOC remains vital, please call or e-mail a board member or committee member if you can help.

On behalf of the BOC community, thank you to the numerous members who devote time and energy to helping make BOC such an important part of the community. Finally, I want to remind people to go to the BOC website and register for the cross-country skiing program. A gift certificate to one of our programs is an imaginative gift  this coming holiday season. Have a great fall and winter. Get outside and enjoy the snow and cross-country skiing on the BOC trails!


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