Spring Consignment Sale/Swap

Saturday, May 10 at NOON:  Annual Canoe & Kayak SALE & SWAP
(canoes, kayaks, rowboats, small sailboats, rowing shells)
Location TBA

Interested in picking up a used canoe or kayak? Or selling/trading a boat you don’t need/want? This is the time and place to do it and help out the BOC at the same time. We raise enough money from these sales to completely underwrite the summer paddling season.

Boat owners set their own asking price. BOC will retain a small portion of the sale price to fund the paddling program and for sales tax.18oat swaps are encouraged and donations of unneeded boats will be accepted. Sale/Swap is limited to all types of canoes, kayaks, rowboats and small sailboats. Sorry, no motorboats or motors.

For information or to arrange a drop-off:
Larry McIntosh
Phone: (802) 254-3666
Email: Lmacyak@gmail.com

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