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SUNDAY, April 29th – CT River Setbacks, Hinsdale, NH. (Lake Wantastiquet). Meet at 11AM in the Hinsdale, NH, Wal-Mart parking lot (Rte 119). We will drive a few miles east to the put-in, for a peaceful paddle and picnic lunch, on an island, off the main river, in the marshes. This often overlooked wildlife area is home to spring birds, big fish and white swans. Be sure to bring something warm to drink, and waterproof to sit on. We were snowed-out of this trip in May 2002, but it’s usually warm and beautiful, however the water will still be COLD. We saw an active bald eagle’s nest last year, with both birds near the nest. Binoculars would be good for this trip. (See BRING)


SUNDAY, May 13th – Lowell Lake, Londonderry, VT. The Quiet Water guidebook calls this a “real gem in Southern Vermont.” We’ve paddled here many times in the summer before, and are looking forward to some spring paddling, for a change. Lowell Lake State Park includes most of the shoreline, and several islands. We will picnic lunch on one of these islands. This is a shallow, productive body of water, surrounded by hills and tall trees, with a great variety of surface, sub-surface and shoreline vegetation, and birdlife. Huge beaver lodges, and bald eagle sightings are the norm here. We’ll meet at the Dam Diner, West Townshend, Rt30, at 10AM. (See BRING)


WEDNESDAY, May 16th – CT River, Putney to Brattleboro, VT. A 9 mile, lazy afternoon paddle trip to the Marina Restaurant, where it’ll be 5 o’clock somewhere, after we load boats, and retrieve cars left in Putney. Meet at the Putney Food COOP at 10:30AM (bring, or pick up a lunch). We’ll proceed to the Dummerston Landing area to off-load boats, and spot cars in Brattleboro. Sandbars move a lot during spring run-off, so we may be finding new places to stop, snack, sun & swim. Canoe & Salmon Brooks join the CT River from the VT side, and Catsbane Brook and The Gulf join from the NH side, along this stretch. We’ll pass the Chesterfield River Road Access (NH) and the Old Ferry Rd boat access (VT), on our way south (with the current). (See BRING)


WEDNESDAY, June 13th – Pisgah Reservoir, Winchester, NH. This pristine mountain lake requires a steep, half-mile, 30 min carry in, but it’s worth it. Bring boat wheels, if you have them. We’ll meet in the Wal-Mart parking lot, in Hinsdale, NH, on Rte 119, at 10AM, to car/boat pool, before driving east, on Rte 119, to Reservation Rd. From this intersection, it’s about a mile and a half up a dirt road to the parking area (ruts and mud during wet weather can make passage difficult for low-clearance, or non-4WD vehicles). This is a trip for small, LIGHT boats, but we’ll all help each other get to the put-in. Pisgah is a well protected, gorgeous body of water, offering many islands, deep inlets and hidden coves to explore. There are more than 5 miles of shoreline to paddle, and the water is deep, clear and unspoiled; also cold…only the hardy will swim. The dirt road doesn’t open till May 23rd, so don’t bother checking the area out till after that. (See BRING)


FYI…Saturday, June 16th – CT River Conservancy, Annual River Celebration; Brattleboro Retreat Farm, and Retreat Meadows (West River), Rt 30, Brattleboro, VT. The celebration will highlight local farms and waterways, and what they provide. The day will feature lots of fun, excursions (including paddling), lunch and music. BOC will participate, but this is not a BOC event. For event information and tickets, visit: crc@ctriver.org/celebration, or (413) 772-2020.


SATURDAY, JULY 7th – CT River; Sumner Falls to Wilgus State Park, Hartland, Windsor & Ascutney, VT. (Camping optional) Day One. This will be our 5th trip on this stretch of the CT River, and it’s always been a hit. We’ve encountered ‘wild’ horses on a deserted island, bald eagles at close range, beavers, swimming squirrels, long stretches of quiet water and sandy beaches for sunning and swimming. Check out the pictures on the BOC website, at the PADDLING photo gallery. We’ll meet in the Wilgus State Park entrance station parking lot, on Rte 5, at 9AM. Wilgus SP is located on Rte 5, south of Ascutney, VT (Exit 8, I-91). Campers are encouraged to come early, so they can leave gear at the BOC campsite before we car pool north to the put-in at Sumner Falls/Hartland Rapids (below the falls). The BOC site is also available the night before (Friday, July 6th), in case campers want to get an early start on a great weekend outdoors. We’ll paddle back downstream to Wilgus SP, stopping along the way for snacks, photos, swim, hike…and a few surprises. HINT: bring some money, in case you’d rather buy your lunch at a unique place, especially for a paddle trip. When we arrive at the state park take-out, paddlers become campers, or head home. Advance reservations are required, if using the BOC site (a lean-to & tent site). Reservations are first-come first-served, (with BOC members/supporters having priority), to arrive by mail, NLT Saturday, June 30th, to: BOC, c/o PO BOX 6294, Brattleboro, VT 05302. Cost is $10 per person/per night. To register, send a $10 non-refundable deposit check, payable to “BOC”; with “Paddling-WSP” on the ‘For’ line. The balance, if any, will be collected on site. BOC membership/supporter information is available at: www.BrattleboroOutingClub.org/membership. Site location and further information will be sent to registered campers. Some may choose to have their own sites, while others may motel or B&B nearby. Questions? Lmacyak@gmail.com. (See BRING)


SUNDAY, July 8thth – (the next day) North Hartland Lake, Windsor, VT. Again, we’ll meet at 9AM in the parking lot of Wilgus State Park entrance station, to car/boat pool the short distance to North Hartland Lake. Campers need to checkout before we head north. We’ll paddle the length of this long narrow lake, up into the lower reaches of the Quechee Gorge, with its 165’ walls carved out by the Ottauquecheee River. Here we’ll picnic, swim and play in the falls. Bald eagles, great blue heron, wild turkey and deer sightings are the norm for this trip. We will return to the Wilgus SP parking lot before heading home. (See BRING)


SATURDAY, July 14th – Sunrise/Early Bird Paddle & Picnic Breakfast, Harriman Reservoir, Wilmington, VT. This is our signature ‘paddle and nosh’ trip. Come early to enjoy sunrise, on an early summer morning, before the motorboat crowd wakes up. We’ll lay out a light potluck breakfast in the soft early rays of summer, on a secluded beach or island. Bring light breakfast snacks to share; OJ and ‘glasses’ will be provided. Also bring a beach towel, for that early morning dip; bound to wake you up. We’ll meet at 5:30AM at the Royal Diner, West Brattleboro; or 6AM at the Coffee House, in Wilmington, VT (Jct Rtes 9 West & 100 South). We’ll be off the water in time to make the Brattleboro Farmer’s Market for lunch; although paddlers are encouraged to stay on the water as long as they want. For any questions, including weather, call: (802) 254-3666. (See BRING)


Rescheduled to 2019 due to scheduling conflict:

SUNDAY, July 15th – Plum Island Sound, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), and Sandy Point State Reservation, MA. Back to our ‘Roots’. We haven’t done this trip since 2013, and it’s time to make another journey to the coast. This will be our seventh trip; six have been warm and calm, one was wild & windy. Meet in the Price Chopper parking lot, near Bruegger’s Bagel Bakery, on Canal St, near Exit 1, I-91 at 7AM, to car & boat pool. Plum Island Sound provides access to a world of shore and sea birds, shimmering salt marsh, towering dunes, ocean swells, the taste of salt and abundant beauty. Paddlers coming from other locations are encouraged to email: Lmacyak@gmail.com for information on where to meet-up in the Plum Island Sound area. Tide and weather conditions will dictate where we launch. (See BRING)


WEDNESDAY, September 5th – Thimble Islands, Long Island Sound, Stony Creek, CT. We last visited the pink granite Thimble Islands in the early 1990’s. Back then, all the islands were in private holdings, and there were no public landings sites available, except at low tide, on exposed sandbars or rock outcroppings. Since then, Outer Island has become a well-known National Wildlife Refuge, open to educational groups, as well as the general public. We attempted this trip last year, but were weathered out. We’ll meet in the Price Chopper parking lot at 7:30AM to car & boat pool, before driving south on I-91, to the Stony Creek, CT launch site. Parking is a huge issue on weekends, thus a Wednesday trip, and an effort to take as few cars as possible. We will paddle in and around the beautiful granite islands (which bare a remarkable resemblance to islands along the Maine coast), arriving at Outer Island for a picnic lunch (BYO) and a walk around the refuge. There are restroom facilities on the island. At this time of year, the flyway should be active, with all sorts of winged traffic headed south. This is NOT a trip for small, slow, open kayaks. Weather and sea conditions may require that we don foul weather gear and sprayskirts. Canoe paddlers must be proficient in ocean paddling, and are encouraged to have a spray deck and throw bag. Paddlers with ‘shorty’ wetsuits would do well to bring them. We will have on-the-water training in self and assisted kayak and canoe rescues before heading out into the archipelago. Paddlers coming from the south may meet us at the launch site around 10AM. (See BRING)


FRI/SAT/SUN/MON, September 7,8,9,10– Green River Reservoir, Paddle-Camping trip, Eden & Hyde Park, VT. A four-day/three night paddle-camping trip on another of Vermont’s three ‘Great’ reservoirs (863 acres). This is a ‘reservations only’ outing, since arrangements have to be made in advance. The core adventure will be Friday-Monday; however, paddlers are welcome to join/leave the core group at any point. Each paddler, or paddle group, must be self-sufficient, and able to establish a campsite on their own. Weather or darkness could prevent a link-up with the core group, and require late arrivals to find, and set up a temporary camp under adverse conditions. “Green River Reservoir, located in north-central Vermont, remains the premier paddling destination in VT, and a real treasure for remote-camping enthusiasts.” states the ‘Quiet Water’ guide. Initially purchased by the Nature Conservancy, GRR is now a VT State Park, with a paddleable, undeveloped shoreline over 19miles, 14 islands and many marshes. Motorboats are prohibited. Moose, deer, bear, osprey, eagles, and much more; GRR has it all. There are over 5,000 acres of protected land surrounding this pristine body of water. At this time of year, it should be fantastic. There will be a small camping fee, and the $10 non-refundable deposit should cover the fee. More information will be sent to registrants. Registrations must be received by Friday, August 31st, at BOC, c/o PO Box 6294, Brattleboro, VT 05302. Check made out to BOC, with “Paddling-GRR” on the ‘For’ line. Priority to BOC members/supporters. Member/supporter information is at www.BrattleboroOutingClub.org/membership.


FYI…FRIDAY and SATURDAY, September 28th and 29th – Connecticut River. 22nd Annual CT River Source-to-Sea Clean up. Contact the CT River Conservancy for more information: (413) 772-2020, or www.ctriver.org. This is not a BOC event, but we encourage public participation.


SUNDAY, September 30th – Somerset Reservoir, Somerset & Stratton, VT. Come for an all-day, fall foliage paddle trip on a wonderful out-of-the-way, protected ‘Great’ reservoir (1,579 acres), at a special time of the year. We almost always see loons, bald eagles and migrating waterfowl; and feel the crisp late season air. Five years ago, a pair of moose put on quite a show, and seven years ago it was so warm and beautiful, nobody wanted to end the trip till dark. This could be the last swim of the season. Bring snacks, lunch and perhaps, something warm to drink; it’ll be a beach or island picnic. We’ll meet at 9AM, at the Coffee House in Wilmington, VT (Jct of Rtes 9West and 100South), or the ‘Car-Top’ launch site at Somerset, (very end of the road) around 9:30AM. Please do not block the trailer ramp with car-top boats. (See BRING)

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