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We are now open for BOC XC SKI online registration


Scroll down for complete list of all program fees. Registration requires completion of all of the following steps:

  1. At the registration form page, select the activity you are signing up for and complete the application form.
  2. e-sign the BOC Waiver Form for all programs you wish to select.  (Please note: RowBOC has a total of 2 waiver forms.)
  3. Read the payment page for the fee options and follow payment instructions.
  4. Pay with Credit Card, Paypal or mail us a check with a note including your name and address if the check does not have that information printed on it.

All checks payable to: BOC, P.O. BOX 335,  Brattleboro, VT 05302-0335. Registration is complete upon receipt of funds by BOC.  You are responsible and will be charged for all fees incurred by BOC in check processing due to insufficient funds or cancellation. ADDITIONAL WAIVER FORMS: Waiver forms are required for all members. For spouses and/or children to submit waivers after you complete the registration: go to add waivers.

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Cross-Country Skiing 

  • Family Season Pass (includes 2 adults and youth age 21 and under living in same household):  $250.00
  • Adult Season Pass (age 21 and older): $125.00
  • Youth Season Pass (ages 6-21): $90.00
  • Volunteer Discount (for 8 or more hours served in 2013-2014): $50/person or max. $100/family

Registration for Cross-Country Skiing is available in the late fall and winter months.  Children age 5 and under ski or snowshoe for free. Sign-up by December 18th and get 2 free guest passes for the 2015/2016 season.

RowBOC (early bird discount until April 30th)

  • Membership Levels and Responsibilities (New 2015!)
    Active Membership$225.00 per seasonActive members are expected to contribute minimum of six (6) hours of volunteer work each season. Hours will be pre-approved by volunteer coordinators, who when appropriate, will assign various tasks to members, based on club needs and member skills and areas of expertise. Required attendance Docks IN and Docks OUT.

    General Membership:  $325.00 per season          General members prefer simply to row and not volunteer their time to the club. They will abide by the club rules, observe proper boathouse and dock etiquette, and are expected to attend Docks IN and Docks OUT.

    Volunteer Coordinators/Managers:  $125.00 per season

    This group of members,  has volunteered to take responsibility for the smooth running of the club, coordinate and oversee various aspects of maintaining the club and boathouse, meet regularly to establish the calendar of events, manage the active member volunteer work, coordinate registration, coordinate clinics with coaches and Putney Rowing Club (PRC), establish clear rules and orientation protocols, ensure the safety of the membership, interface with Brattleboro Outing Club (BOC), communicate regularly with the membership, and address any issues or concerns that may arise.

  • Youth/student rower (21 and under): $75
  • Paid PRC Members wishing to join RowBOC: $75
  • 2014 Clinic- Novice Rowers $100.00 register and pay after successful completion of clinic or private lessons.
  •  SUMMER DOCKS: $25.00/ Individual and $75.00/ Family. Limited Dock privileges and newsletter, special DOCK USE WAIVER must be signed.

If you are a paid RowBOC member wishing to join PRC, please contact PRC directly.  Registration for RowBOC is available in the spring and summer months.

Paddling There are no fees to participate in the Paddling program.


  • Individual Memberships for adults are $200.
  • For juniors or students age 21 and under, the cost is $40, but a junior may play for free with a parent member.

Registration for Tennis is available in the spring and summer months. BOC– Membership only.  $25.00. Receive email newsletter without a cross-country skiing, rowing or tennis registration. Volunteer credit is available in the year following your service, upon prior approval for the Cross-Country Skiing, Rowing, and Tennis programs.

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